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Step by step kombucha

Homemade kombucha step by step

First brew sweet tea for a new batch of kombucha. I use 16 cups of water, let the water boil, then add 2 cups of sugar and 5 black organic tea bags. Let the tea sit out until it becomes room temp. Next prep your bottles. My kombucha takes about two weeks and a few days to [...]

Making a Scoby for homemade Kombucha

I absolutly love kombucha but buying it every week started to weigh heavy in my pockets. I researched and figured out if I had a scoby {Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast} I could brew my very own kombucha. I could buy a scoby online but I thought… why not make scoby myself? This is [...]

Bottling Homemade Kombucha

Welcome to Organize Happy TV’s very first episode! Nanner and I are very excited and appreciate you watching!:}
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