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Closet Organization

I need organization in my life. I have peace when there is order. I also like things around me being bright and fun:} This goes for every part of my home including my closet. I was so tired of looking at my hangers that were a hodge-podge of colors and sizes.

I decided to go to the container store for some ideas. I found a big box of all pink and green hangers {there were other colors as well}. I switched the hangers and donated my old ones.

Now my closet feels more fun, bright and peaceful:} Thank you container store for actually having fun and bright colors!

Sock Organization

1. When I do laundry if I have a clean sock with no partner I close it in my sock drawer so it slightly hangs out.

2. When I have the other half I match them up….

3. Roll them together and in the drawer they go!

Some people might not want a sock hanging out but I would rather see a hanging sock then spend my time rummaging through the drawer to find that missing sock.

Happy socks = Happy feet:}

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