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All Natural Japanese Platform Bed

We were getting a new bed and wanted it to be one we would be happy with for many years. Researching numerous options we came to the conclusion that the bed frame and mattress should be free of any fake ‘ingredients’.

We decided on getting the Raku Japanese Tatami Bed {in honey oak}. There are no toxic glues or other chemicals in the frame. The frame has interlocking wood that goes together like a puzzle rather than using nails or screws. I often say to people that I feel like my bed is a work of art. The mattress has no springs and is made from natural latex.

There is nothing under our bed. If possible it is good to keep it clear under your bed. Energy can circulate better when nothing is in its way:}

Happy sleep = Happy day

Kenya likes it too:}

Our Platform bed
Natural Latex mattress

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