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Errand Bag

My ‘Errand’ bag…..

When I need to mail a letter or return something I use this bag. This is my ‘errand’ bag.

I used it the other day to go to the dmv. The papers I needed for the dmv were in my ‘to do’ folder. I put the ‘to do’ folder in my errand bag and taa-daa everything I needed in one little bag:}

Of course I make sure when I get home the folder goes back where it belongs…. my errand bag does not like to be full when not working:}

Lowkey with ‘to do’ folder:}

Apples & Oranges

This is a shelf in my refrigerator. I use my drawers for veggies and I needed a solution for my round and “rolly”  fruit. My mother-in-law gave me these cute little baskets. They work perfectly! We have been using this system for quite some time and it never fails. It feels so good when I come home from shopping- I just take out the baskets and plop them right in:}

They also like to live in a place that is easy for them to sit rather than rolling all around in the drawers.

Organized fruit = Happy fruit:}

Thanks Mom!

Organized time = Clear mind

This is how I plan my days/weeks/years! I LOVE this scheduler- Staples brand.

Here is why I love it:

  1. The year starts in September and ends in August.
  2. The columns are vertical allowing me to visually see time differences between days.
  3. It comes with dividers for months and a divider for the particular week you are in.
  4. There is nothing on the pages except the days of the week making it nice and clean- yet fun.
  5. It shows month & week and of course it is pretty!

Two things I dont love:

  1. On Wednesday it is a little hard for me to write because the binding hits my hand. I am a righty I guess if I were a lefty Thursday would be hard to write in.
  2. This year I could not find pink,  the last two years I had a pretty pink one with pink ink etc. This year the only color ink I found was blue. But it is a pretty blue. SO many schedulers are not  pretty. They use stale colors- why would anyone want to be organized if they did not enjoy looking at the pages that kept them organized?!

Also I suggest never buying an organizer that says, “Don’t Forget” in a column as a reminder for you to do something. To me this sends a negative message {very subtly} to our brains. If you do get a scheduler that has something of that nature- find one that says, “Remember to” this sends a more positive message.

  • My method of scheduling:

When I first buy my scheduler, in the summer, I write in tasks that need to be done yearly like the car inspection. Then every weekend I sit and write in weekly tasks. When I complete a task I check it off. When I do not do something I circle it {so I know I need to re-schedule} and after I re-schedule I cross it off. I literally schedule anything even if it is writing a thank you note.

  • My theory of scheduling:

If  I write it ALL down then my brain does not have to think. I am like a business for myself. I do work and then the system runs itself. During the week I do not want my time to be spend thinking about what I need to do or if I am forgetting anything. I want to ENJOY my time- whatever it is I am doing. Doing the work before hand gives me so much freedom!

  • Example:

Say I have a bill to pay- I write in the day I am going to pay it. While I am waiting to pay the bill I have a folder with “To do” on my desk. This folder has bills, or anything paper oriented that needs to be done.  –BUT I schedule these things in my scheduler before they go in this “to do” folder. So if I open my folder nothing is a mystery.

—To Do Folder with Lowkey posing:} She was waiting for me to feed her….hence her not so happy look!

I love organized time!

Organized Time= Clear Mind:}

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