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Step by step kombucha

Homemade kombucha step by step

First brew sweet tea for a new batch of kombucha. I use 16 cups of water, let the water boil, then add 2 cups of sugar and 5 black organic tea bags. Let the tea sit out until it becomes room temp.

Next prep your bottles.

My kombucha takes about two weeks and a few days to brew. Brewing time will vary depending on your taste and if the temperature is warmer it will brew more quickly.

Take out SCOBY and place him in a clean glass bowl and stir your kombucha.

Cover scoby with enough kombucha so he looks comfortable:}

I like to stir kombucha one more time before I poor it out into the bottles. Yes FIZZ!!!!

I put in 1/4 cup of juice. Today I did blueberry and acai! You can also leave Kombucha plain which is also delicious.

1/4 cup in each bottle

My bigger measuring cup to poor kombucha into bottles.

Rinse out my jar that is now empty and poor in the new tea that is room temp.

Take scoby from glass bowl and put him in his new batch of tea. Poor the kombucha that you used to cover him in the new batch right on top of scoby.

Get a new clean cloth and cover your new batch.

Keep a little sign with the date of when the new batch was started.

I leave my bottles out for a day or so and then put them in fridge:}

Have fun with your kombucha brewing! Also don’t ever touch scoby with metal -it somehow kills your scobs.

Cheers to a happy kombucha day!

Making a Scoby for homemade Kombucha

I absolutly love kombucha but buying it every week started to weigh heavy in my pockets. I researched and figured out if I had a scoby {Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast} I could brew my very own kombucha. I could buy a scoby online but I thought… why not make scoby myself?

This is the story of how Scobers {my scoby} came to be:}

I found some clips on you tube and researched a lot of material about making your own scoby. When I felt I had a pretty good idea of how to do it I went out to get the supplies.

1. One glass jar to brew. I got mine from a great friend. It holds 16 cups of water.
2. Sugar- I use organic turbinado sugar.
3. Black tea with caffeine.
4. Two 16 oz bottles of original kombucha. NO flavor just PLAIN kombucha. If you are using a smaller jar you may only need one bottle of original kombucha.

I came home and started scoby!
1. I boiled 12 cups filtered water.
2. Added almost 2 cups of organic turbinado sugar stirred until all melted.
3. Added 7 bags of black tea and let sit for a nice long time. Black tea with caffeine. That is what Scoby needs to eat, caffeine and sugar.
4. I took out the tea bags poured the tea in my glass jar and let sit until the next day so tea was room temp.
5. The NEXT day I added my 2 bottles of original 16 oz not flavored kombucha.
6. I covered the jar with an old cut up t-shirt and rubber band to secure it around.
7. Waited 3 weeks.


There he was! A beautiful very thin scoby!

I took scoby out with my clean hands and a wooden spoon and put him in a glass bowl. Never use metal it somehow kills your scoby. I covered him with about a cup of the brewed kombucha put an old cloth over the bowl and placed him safely in the refrigerator.

Next I repeated steps 1-4.
Only this time I boiled 15 cups of water. I was not adding 2 bottles of kombucha this time only scoby and the kombucha I used to cover him were going to be added to the sweet tea.

Now Scoby is big beautiful and makes some good kombucha!!!

Thanks Scobers for making the best kombucha!

Bottling Homemade Kombucha

Welcome to Organize Happy TV’s very first episode! Nanner and I are very excited and appreciate you watching!:}

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