Dr. OZ Detox Day 2 & 3

Dr.Oz detox Plan

I am on the afternoon of the second day. I must say I am feeling extremely clear. Like I could organize some huge party with lots of details;} I do want to talk a bit about the lunch shake. Its not as bad as other reviews if you modify it. Here is how I do it. Only half a cucumber and 2 stalks of celery also you can add a tad bit more almond milk than the recipe calls for. I love you green shake!
3:00 p.m. Having the repeat snack shake {the breakfast one}. I am hungry but not craving anything in particular, happy for that.
Second day detox bath was wonderful. Again reflecting and meditating on new lunch/dinner healthy recipes. I will continue to do a shake in the a.m.

Day 3!!!! YAY I’m so happy I’m here writing that I have not cheated and actually followed this plan! I tried a juice fast once and did not stick to it. I was cold, hungry and not happy. This makes me energized, open and not starving. I even made my husband lunch yesterday and was not tempted by food. Ok his indian food dinner smelled really REALLY good but I let the aroma just be there and handled it.
Weight loss as of this morning: just about 4 pounds!

Detox Completed:}!!!
Today is day four. I have completed the detox and feel really clear and focused. Lost 4 and a half pounds! This was a great way to kick me into health mode. My husband and I had our nutribullet shake this morning and I am looking forward to a light soup for lunch and “Rustic pasta” From Alicia Silverstones book Kind Diet For dinner. Highly recommend this detox to anyone who wants to jump start their body into a new way of living. I am not going back to my old habits of snacking every night one or two nights will be dedicated for that. Discipline is hard for me but if I can do this detox I can change my old ways into new healthy more loving ways.
Cheers Dr.Oz

Breakfast Shake

Lunch Shake

Dinner Shake YUMMM

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  1. Leon Habererger
    Posted March 7, 2013 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    I am trying to find te 3 day detox.

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