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Making a Scoby for homemade Kombucha

I absolutly love kombucha but buying it every week started to weigh heavy in my pockets. I researched and figured out if I had a scoby {Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast} I could brew my very own kombucha. I could buy a scoby online but I thought… why not make scoby myself? This is [...]

Mock Chicken Salad

Raw Bithday

March 7th was my birthday! I am thankful for all the beautiful people who have come in and out of my life. All the lessons I have learned that brought me to where I am today. For my birthday weekend I had a small get together to share some raw food:} I gave a little demonstration [...]

Errand Bag

My ‘Errand’ bag….. When I need to mail a letter or return something I use this bag. This is my ‘errand’ bag. I used it the other day to go to the dmv. The papers I needed for the dmv were in my ‘to do’ folder. I put the ‘to do’ folder in my errand bag [...]

Excalibur Food Dehydrator!

After dabbling with raw food I knew a dehydrator was essential to complete more elaborate recipes. I was on the look out for a medium sized dehydrator with a timer. I did my homework and found this lovely piece of machinery: Excalibur 3526T in black. It has a 26 hour timer! [...]

Laughing Exercises

I honestly believe that we need to laugh. Both for physical and mental benefits. I feel my organs have worked out after a good solid laugh! I love to laugh so hard I cry and no voice is left inside of me to make a sound. Try it now – work out those insides!

Bottling Homemade Kombucha

Welcome to Organize Happy TV’s very first episode! Nanner and I are very excited and appreciate you watching!:}
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