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Sock Organization

1. When I do laundry if I have a clean sock with no partner I close it in my sock drawer so it slightly hangs out. 2. When I have the other half I match them up…. 3. Roll them together and in the drawer they go! Some people might not want a sock hanging out but I would [...]

Being Thankful

I kept this little pocket card in my bathroom on the mirror. Now I keep it on the desk near my computer. Where ever it is I love to look at it and let it filter into my brain. The simple act of thanking gives me great strength.

All Natural Japanese Platform Bed

We were getting a new bed and wanted it to be one we would be happy with for many years. Researching numerous options we came to the conclusion that the bed frame and mattress should be free of any fake ‘ingredients’. We decided on getting the Raku Japanese Tatami Bed {in honey oak}. There are no [...]

Body Brushing

Daily routine….Body brushing! This is my dry brush. I make an effort to use it everyday. I love how invigorated it makes me feel! Use it to brush off dead skin cells, get your energy circulating and say to your body- “I love you body!”

Magic soap!

I love to clean- I love that feeling when I have washed away stagnant energy  and new fresh energy is in my space. I usually do one big clean per week. My ‘big’ clean includes sweeping, mopping or vacuuming all floors and rugs. For mopping I use Dr.Bronners magic soap- a concentrated no chemical soap.  I  dip [...]

Face Steam

My weekly routine….. This is my face steamer. I use Himalayan crystal salt in the water or plain H2O. My face  feels so smooth after a steam.

Organize Happy TV

Coming Spring 2010! Come join me and my friend ‘Nanner’ in the kitchen and around the house as we show you first hand how to organize yourself happy on Organize Happy TV!
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